Friday, April 14, 2017

Beverly Jean Beard

My mother had a little sister, Jean and they lived in Lucy, TN a small little town outside of Memphis, TN.

Lucy, TN was a small community between Memphis and Millington just off of the Millington Rd.

The children attended the school that was located in the community of Lucy. They would walk to school everyday and it was over a mile to get there. Lucy had a little store in the community that had a Post Office in it for the Community and it also acted as a railroad station for the Lucy and Millington area for travelers and goods for the area. There was a set of double tracks there so that the one train could stop so that another train could pass on it's way into Memphis.

One evening on the way home from school all of the children were on there way home from school and they were all excited that school was out. When they got to the railroad crossing they looked both ways before crossing but there was one train stopped unloading goods and mail. It was hard to see around the train and her little sister started running across the  double tracks and didn't hear the train coming and it hit her and knocked her into the air and when she landed on the ground it was over three hundred yards down the tracks. After the train was able to stop, they all ran to check on Jean.

She was all mangled up, and the locals told the children to run home and get their parents. They ran all the way home to get their mother, and then ran back to the accident site.

They had already loaded her up for the trip to Memphis, to the Hospital. Once at the Hospital she was pronounced dead and then sent on to the Memphis Funeral Home.

They didn't have a burial location picked out, but since she was in Memphis at the Funeral Home, their mom and dad purchased a lot for their daughter in Elmwood Cemetery. She was buried here in the children's section.

Over the years every time we would visit our grand parents in Memphis our parents would go to her grave and visit. As children we never went along.

After my mother died, I often wondered where she had been buried. My Grand Parents were buried in Memorial Gardens on Popular Avenue in Memphis. We could not find the grave of my aunt Jean, because we had never asked when we could. After many years of searching I finally found her grave in Elmwood Cemetery In Memphis.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Grandchildren

Landry M. Waters

Chloe N. Waters

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Landry Marie Waters

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthdays In November


Daniel  ~  November 9th.

Friday, October 7, 2016

33 Moments That’ll Restore Your Faith in Humanity

These 33 moments will help to restore your faith in people. Kindness and love still exist in this world!
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Grand Dad's Hobbies

Grand Dad had many hobbies that he liked to do in his shed out in the back yard.

Looking back now as an adult, I think that the reason he had so many hobbies was so that he could stay out of Grandmother's way. He was Irish and she was German and she could have a temper whenever she took a mind to.

He loved to whittle and make many things from pieces of wood or branches of trees. He could whittle people from limbs. He also like to make walking sticks for his friends and he sometimes would whittle a snake or a human or little wooden marbles into the handle.

He used to make furniture for the home and for family members as well. Everything was stained in Mahogony. I remember he made hall trees, to hang your coats and hats on. He made Corner Cabinets for the dining rooms and he made a music chest for his youngest daughter because she loved to play the piano.

In his later years he loved to make cutouts from sheets of plastic and then sand them to take off the hard edges. I still have a pony that he made for me just before he died.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Big City Bus Ride

I remember as a child visiting my Grand Parents in Memphis, TN.

We were from a small town in Georgia with less than 4,000 people and we still had a lot of dirt roads, wooden bridges and unpaved drives. We even had friends that didn't have running water or indoor plumbing.

Have you ever seen someone sweep their front yard with a homemade broom to make it look beautiful. Well this is just a glimpse of the town that I grew up in.

No, I wouldn't take anything for these experiences but I was always happy to ride in the car with my family on trips to my mother's parents in the big city.

It would take us over ten hours with seven people in the car all bunched up together to get there.

My mother had a sister that had a Kindergarden and sometimes while we were there she would let us go with her classes on Field Trips and these were always an adventure for us kids. Sometimes we visited Pepsi Cola and saw how they brought in the bottles and cleaned them and then filled them and got them ready for sale.

Sometimes we would visit Hart's Bakery to see how they made Loaf Bread and other bread products and when we got ready to leave they would give us a little loaf of bread.

But what I enjoyed the most was riding with my Uncle Joe who drove a city bus from the edge of the city limits to downtown Memphis and back to the edge of town.

Sometimes we had the Express Bus that made a direct route from downtown to te had left something on the bus the edge of town on a main road like, Popular Avenue, Summer Avenue, Madison Avenue, Jackson Avenue. We would only stop at bus stops on the main road.

Other times we would ride on a bust that may take several hours to get from the edge of the city to downtown, because it made many stops along the way and we went down many different streets to get customers that lived on the many side streets.

At night when he was ready for his shift to end we would drive to the barn to turn his bus in for the night. When we pulled into the lot we would make sure that everything was off of the bus, and if someone had left something on the bus it was brought into the Terminal Office in case the customer called for it.

He would check his bus for paper or bottles and they were disposed into the Terminal Garbage and then he drove his bust through the Bus Wash, and then it was filled with gas and ready for the next day.

My Uncle would then pull out the coin dispenser from the bus and take it into the Terminal to the banking area and we could hear and see as the coins were sorted by machine, separating the nickles, dimes, quarters from each other and count them for deposit for each bus.

After this was all done we would go out to find his truck for a ride to our grand parents home.